Water Resources Management


Water is an important basic material of human development. Therefore, it is the responsibility of every people in Shunfeng to allocate water rationally and make a scientific plan to use water.


Measures to save water include: improve employee’s awareness of water conservation by enhancing the publicity and education in the company; strengthen the technological transformation so as to improve the comprehensive utilization rate of water; meanwhile, make feasible water management system, and conduct the quota management of water for product so as to reduce waste.


Shunfeng has installed water meters in each workshop of the entire plant to record the use of water in each point every day, analyze the water consumption of unit product of each workshop and make monthly assessment according to the water consumption of unit product.


By a series of technological transformation and water-saving measures, Shunfeng has reduced its product unit consumption to 25% lower than the average value of the same industry.