Safety Management


Safe production is the basis to guarantee the development of the company, so we set the employee safety as our goal, make “safety first” as our principle and take “prevention first” as our means.


I. Build a safety culture


  1. Establish a safe production responsibility system, clarify the responsibility objects, responsibility goals, and accident control targets, and improve safety performance evaluation mechanism;
  2. Improve the safe production system, covering all the departments, positions, and processes to realize systematic management;
  3. Optimize post safety operating rules, guide employee to operate properly, and improve safety awareness;
  4. Conduct some regular activities such as Safety Month and Fire month as well as a variety of irregular promotional activities.


II. Establish the emergency response system


Develop various contingency plans, including contingency plans for safety production accidents, emergency evacuation, chemical leakage, and power outages and water supply disruption, etc.; organize ERT emergency rescue team and take regular training and practices; provide adequate emergency equipment.


III. Bring the group advantage into full play


Carry out cross check of safe production in the workshops between each plant in the group so as to learn from others’ strong points and close the gap; take advantage of human resources, equipment and facilities in regard to safe production; exchange work experience and share some accident cases to maximize the prevention of the occurrence of accidents.