Health Management


Measures for employee health management:


Our company formulates a complete management system of employee health examination, covering the relevant cost and setting infirmary in the plant with professional doctors to care staff’s health and to assist conventional medical treatment.


I. Classification of health examination:


Routine physical examination for new recruited staff


Annual routine physical examination for incumbents


Pre-service occupational health examination for new staff


In-service occupational health examination for incumbents


Off-post occupational health examination for separating employee


II. Special operations hazard prevention


  1. New employees should receive safety training (occupational health, fire control and safety production) before they take their position. They should pass the examination before being allowed to take their posts. The company should organize special safety training programs regularly every year to strengthen the safety awareness of employees and to make sure they have mastered the safety skills.
  2. According to the appropriate working environment, the plant allocates appropriate personal protective equipment to employees, such as filtering respirators, acid and alkali resistant suit, anti-noise earplugs, and safety shoes, etc.
  3. The prevention facilities related to the occupational health, such as ventilation, dust precipitation, noise insulation, shower equipment and so on are designed and constructed according to national standards.
  4. Detect occupational hazards in the workplace according to the schedule to ensure that all the indicators are acceptable.


III. Special Training


Invite the Red Cross to give CPR first aid training to make sure the least damage to employee in emergency situations.